Insurance At Affordable Rates For High Risk People

high risk life insurance policies

Searching for high-quality insurance policies at affordable rates can be quite difficult if you are considered at-risk by the insurance companies. You are not alone, as many people face this dilemma and wonder what they can possibly do to secure the insurance they so greatly need. If you’re willing to do a little digging, you […]

Why Floridians Need A Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policy

medicare supplemental insurance in Florida

“Medicare can address most important medical expenses,” this is a wrong notion about this insurance coverage that many people tend to believe. The truth is that Medicare will not meet 20% of the overall medical expenses commonly faced. A big percentage of the income earners make little wages and cannot meet the remaining 20% that […]

What Is Life Insurance All About

Life insurance is used to protect the financial security of your family when you are no longer around to provide for them. The policies can have a high worth or a low worth, depending on how you had set it up. There are a few types of policies that you can select from. Here is […]

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Why Everyone Needs an Estate Plan

Many people think estate planning is only for the wealthy or the elderly. But estate planning is about protecting your assets for yourself and your loved ones, and can benefit everyone, regardless of age or net worth. Here are some of the things a good estate plan can help you to do: • Ensure that […]

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medigap insurance medicare supplements supplemental insurance

Overview of Medigap Health Insurance Plans

With ongoing health care confusion presently being experienced by the American people, there are several options open for those who qualify as they near or are at Medicare coverage range. However, for brevity sake, this article will restrict itself to highlighting some key features of Medigap health insurance–excluding other totally different options such as Medicare […]

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credit repair, credit score, fixing bad credit

Should I use a credit repair agency?

Credit repair agencies make a lot of promises, but can they deliver? You see them all over the place. They are on television. They are all over the radio. They promise you that they can fix your bad credit in no time. Credit scores drive a lot of the things we do today. It’s not […]

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Is Burial Insurance Right for Me?

Most of us will need some financial resources to pay for final expenses, but do you need burial insurance to cover those expenses? Funerals aren’t cheap. Most cost several thousand dollars. Typical expenses include the following: Transport. Moving the remains from hospital or residence to a funeral home, and then transporting the remains to a […]

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